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The Grail

From the point of view of the work “In the Light of Truth” the Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The Grail has often been sought on earth. The knowledge of the Laws of Creation, to which the earth owes its origin and existence, does not permit any conclusion other than that the Grail, in view of the powers attributed to it, could not be an earthly vessel.

Neither is the Grail a figment of man’s imagination. Rather, people who are particularly blessed are permitted to attain recognition of the actual existence of the Grail and what it contains. The Grail is not of this world. Remaining a mystery to man, it is eternal. Emanating from God, the Grail forms the basis for Creation, enabling the world to come into existence. As an eternal vessel, the Grail receives, from out of God, the radiation which it then transforms in such a way as to make it accessible to Creation. With this process, streams of power surge through Creation to its furthest extremities, so that in the reciprocal process, these streams of power are sucked back again. Thus the cycle is formed which guarantees the existence of Creation – comparable with the circulation of the blood, whereby the heart reflects the Grail in that it contains the power to bring about circulation.

The Grail is similar to a chalice of Living Light. Without the Grail and its constant surges of power which pulsate through Creation, the latter could not come into existence. All that is life in Creation has its beginning in the Grail. The surges of power of the Grail also contain the Laws in Creation, which harmoniously holds the constellations of the universe in their orbits, and simultaneously brings them into motion. On the earth this law is perceptible as the Laws of Nature.

The Grail is encompassed by a castle which is referred to, in poems and legends, as the Grail Castle. This Castle also really exists, standing at the summit of Creation – far above Paradise – the Castle rises into the Divine.

The Grail is holy because it comes from God. It is inseparably connected with the Holy Spirit, Who stands with God.

As the Son of Man, the Holy Spirit is the Eternal Mediator between God and Creation. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, Who came down to mankind to teach them how to adjust themselves to the Will of God is, for His Part, the Love from out of God. The Law of Creation is the expression of the Will of God, which mankind has to get to know and abide by.