International Grail Movement

What are the aims?

It is a great wish of many readers and of those who profess the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin, together with others, to increase the level of aware­ness of this Grail Message. Abd-ru-shin himself gives the criteria for doing this in his Grail Message.

The individual reader must engage with the state­ments of the Grail Message objectively and without prejudice. This requires a person who is really seeking spiritual values and is also willing to apply to his personal life the recog­nitions conveyed to him.

Any form of advertising or influence which is supposed to lead to the acqui­sition of the book “In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message” contra­dicts the state­ments of this book and must be omitted.

The same criteria that are valid for the Grail Message itself also provide the foundation for an inter­national Grail Move­ment. From its origin the Grail Move­ment, as the name itself indicates, is not a solidly formed organi­sation. It is a “move­ment” formed by readers and those who profess the Grail Message, who endeavour to achieve the joint wish.

In addition to the wish for an increase in the level of aware­ness of the Grail Message, there is also a great desire for Hours of Worship, which are to be under­stood in the sense of the Grail Message as hours of joint worship of God. Being per­mitted to experience the Grail Festivals is also a special wish of readers and those who profess the Grail Message, whereby this has become a central interest of the Grail Movement.