The Grail

From the point of view of the work
“In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin

Numerous are the legends about the Holy Grail. It has often been sought on earth. In view of the powers attributed to it, however, no earthly vessel can be meant by it. The knowledge of the laws of nature, to which the develop­ment as well as the exis­tence of this earth are subject, does not permit such a conclusion.

The Grail is also not a construc­tion that comes from human fantasy. Gifted people were permitted to gain knowledge of the actual exis­tence of the Grail and of what it holds.

The Grail is not of this world. Remaining a mystery to men, it is eternal. Emanating from God, the Grail forms the basis for the coming into being of creation. As an eternal vessel, it thereby absorbs the radia­tion of God in order to make it accessible to creation in a trans­formed form. With this process, waves of power stream through creation right to its end in order in the reciprocal process to be sucked back again. This is how the cycle forms – comparable to the blood circulation in the human body – which guarantees the exis­tence of creation. In this way, the Grail resembles the heart which holds the power that allows the cycle to come into being.

The Grail, which is like a chalice, consists of living Light. Without the Grail and its constant waves of power, which stream pulsatingly through creation, this creation and every­thing that has arisen in it could not exist. All life in creation there­fore has its origin in the Grail.

The waves of power of the Grail also contain the law of creation which keeps the stars of the universe in harmony in their orbits and simul­taneously moves them. On earth this law is percep­tible as the law of nature.

The Grail is surrounded by a fortress, which in poetry and legends is referred to as “Grail Castle”. This fortress also actually exists. Standing at the summit of creation – far above the paradise of the human beings – this fortress extends into the divine.

The Grail is holy for it comes from God. It is in­separably connected with the Holy Spirit, and the latter is with God.

As the Son of Man, the Holy Spirit is the eternal mediator between God and creation. The Son of God, Christ Jesus, on his part, is the love from out of God, that came to humanity in order to instruct them to comply with the will of God. The law of creation is the ex­pression of the will of God which humanity must learn to recognise and to comply with.