International Grail Movement

What effects does the International Grail Movement
have on readers and those who profess the Grail Message?

In addition to the activities mentioned, the “Inter­national Grail Move­ment” offers help to readers and those who profess the Grail Message by organising meetings with specific topics. The individual decides for himself whether he wishes to take part in such meetings. The focus thereby is the exchange of ideas between people, which fosters the indepen­dence of the individual constructively.

Through the choice of topics mainly adults are addressed. In some countries there are also programs for children and adolescents. According to age, these are organised in such a way that the importance of a just and responsible life­style is explained to the partici­pants. Here, the laws of nature which remain the same in the whole of creation are the main theme. Further­more, such meetings can also refer to the high values for life on earth or point to the activity of the great leaders of mankind who prepared their respective people for the true recog­nition of God.


The work “In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin reinforces in its state­ments the teachings of Christ as they were given by him to mankind 2000 years ago. In its apt choice of words as well as through the exposure of today’s often self-contra­dictory lifestyle of man, this Grail Message in many respects stands in stark contrast to many a church teaching. This led to the fact that the Grail Move­ment is often regarded as a sect.

The Inter­national Grail Move­ment however, is certainly not a sect. All sectarianism is strictly rejected in the state­ments of the Grail Message. Also, against the back­ground of un­conditional freedom and personal responsi­bility of the indi­vidual human being as is explained in the Grail Message, there is nothing in the Inter­national Grail Move­ment which would justify the alle­gation of sectarianism. In accordance with the state­ments of Abd-ru-shin, the Inter­national Grail Move­ment in connection with the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg will prevent or exclude any attempt to form a sect.