One of the goals of “Gralswerk” is
to point out to human beings a path to a conscious life.

Free from religious doctrine or political objectives, the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” opens up insights into the un­answered questions of human existence as well as into the task of the human being arising therefrom.

Human beings have always had the urge for a realisation of high goals in life, for a life with noble structures based on the veneration of a Godhead. This did not happen uniformly on earth, but always only through the develop­ment of the characteristics of individual groups of peoples. The characteristics of such groups of peoples are formed particularly through the volitions and actions of the individual personalities characterising these groups of peoples. The individual human being is part of his group of people and as such, through the goals he strives for, he helps to deter­mine the nature as well as the behaviour of the respective group.

Uniformity amongst all human beings is not intended and is also not beneficial. In uniformity the necessary stimulation and move­ment, which only arise through diversity, is lacking. Movement causes change and develop­ment and is necessary for human existence. The recognising and acknowledging of the desired diversity of human beings sub­sequently bring about the recognition of the benefit which arises there­from for the individual as well as for entire groups of peoples.

The individual human being restricts himself to his personal thoughts, opinions and perceptions. In the experiencing of other human beings and their way of acting as well as in the exchange with their thoughts and opinions he gains helpful experiences which enrich his life. Thus there gradually arises in him a multi­faceted and opened thinking and acting which also lead to a more conscious life.


“Gralswerk” sees itself as a platform for all human beings whose goal is the striving for the divining of the one and only Godhead. This Godhead is the Creator, who is to be divined in his creation and in the laws working therein. The work “In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin points the way for such a divining and grasping of the connections.

The main interest of “Gralswerk” is thus to make this Grail Message available to people worldwide. Readers of this Grail Message who have found the truth for them­selves therein, are also offered the opportunity of meeting for an exchange with like-minded people, through the use of “Gralswerk” as an instrument.

People who profess the state­ments of the Grail Message and would like to orientate their lives accordingly, form the Grail Movement. This Movement is the expression of human beings from the most diverse groups of peoples who seek to fulfil the will of the Creator out of free conviction. It has nothing in common with an organisation in the conventional sense, but is a free move­ment without claims on fellow human beings.

In the union of those who profess the Grail Message, the so-called “crossbearers”, the Grail Movements in the different countries set up institutions which, on a legally compliant basis in the form of a foundation, an association or a society, represent their interests as “Gralswerk”. Thereby the activities are super­vised individually by the persons responsible for this in the countries. Pointing the way for this is “Gralswerk”, starting from the centre of the inter­national Grail Movement on Vomper­berg in Austria.