The Grail Administration

Fields of activity of the Grail Administration

The Grail Administration Vomper­berg belongs to the Bernhardt property. The staff, working in all areas, are employed by the Bernhardt company. In addition to the manage­ment of the Grail Settlement, including the residences and guest houses, the Grail Adminis­tration is also responsible for the organi­sational order of events of the Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals.

The Grail Festivals, which take place thrice a year on the Grail Settle­ment, are mostly attended by foreign partici­pants. This entails consider­able organi­sational effort in terms of reservation of accommo­dation, which is handled by the employees of the Grail Administration.

The Grail Administration is also active for the Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals that take place outside the Grail Settlement. A close cooperation between the Grail Adminis­tration and the institutions of Gralswerk or the Grail Movement in the different countries forms a helpful basis for the preparation of such Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals.

The Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg keeps a record of those people who participate in Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals. Pre­requisite for the partici­pation is the request by the individual reader and person who professes the Grail Message to be admitted to Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals. A mentoring of readers and those who profess the Grail Message does not take place by the Grail Adminis­tration. However, the Grail Adminis­tration is prepared – to the limits of its capa­bilities – to give help and guidance through discussions and letters.

The Grail Administration is financed by the income of the Bernhardt company, by cost contri­butions collected for events as well as by donations which flow to it from individuals and organi­sations for the support of its activity.

Another field of activity arises in connection with the conduct of funerals for readers and those who profess the Grail Message. Since these people commonly wish to have a funeral in the sense of the Grail Message, the necessity arose to appoint officiants of the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg in various countries to carry out such Grail Funerals. The inhabi­tants of the Grail Settle­ment find their last resting place in a small private forest cemetery.

The activity of the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg extends to many countries of this earth, with the help, coordination or adminis­tration always taking place only at the request of the people living there.