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“Gralswerk” (Grail Work) is a platform for providing information about the work

“In the Light of Truth
The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin”

The starting point for “Gralswerk” is the Grail Administration on Vomper­berg in Tyrol, Austria. It serves to provide interested people with initial information about the Grail Message and with a little insight into the different areas connected with it. Further­more it is an instrument for the organi­sational objectives of the inter­national Grail Movement.

The Holy Grail is known conceptually to most human beings today but there is a lot of ambiguity entwined with it such that one cannot speak of any true knowledge. However, what emerges consistently from all the legends and stories is the tremen­dous power and high signifi­cance that human beings have always ascribed to this Grail.

The Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin is not a work that is based on the previous trans­missions of men. In the light of truth it illuminates creation and its Creator and gives explanations about how we human beings should under­stand the Grail and what it signifies for us. Thus, in an under­stand­able way, it also offers answers to the great questions of mankind of “whence”, “whither” and “why”.