International Grail Movement

Gralswerk and the International Grail Movement
in cooperation with the Grail Administration

For readers and those who profess the Grail Message, the seat of the Grail Adminis­tration on Vomper­berg in Tyrol has a very high signifi­cance. Vomper­berg and in particular the Grail Settle­ment with its Hall of Worship and Festivals, the pyramid tomb of Abd-ru-shin and also the Grail Adminis­tration anchor Abd-ru-shin’s activity in a special way. This gives this place an out­standing position whereby “Gralswerk” and the “Inter­national Grail Move­ment” also have their origin there.

People from many parts of the earth travel to the Grail Festivals which take place thrice a year on Vomper­berg. Persons appointed by the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg for this purpose also organise Grail Festivals outside, in the various countries, for those living there who profess the Grail Message.

In some countries the need arose to give a legal status to the endeavours of those who profess the Grail Message. In this way foundations, associations or societies for Gralswerk came into being which support the goals of the Inter­national Grail Movement.

Since Gralswerk and the International Grail Move­ment require a guiding structure, it is obvious that this structure is given by the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg. This takes place also with regard to the fact that the Grail Adminis­tration, as a helping institution which was estab­lished by Abd-ru-shin himself, represents his will in the Grail Happening on earth.

The person responsible for the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg, Siegfried Bernhardt, is at the same time also the leader of the Inter­national Grail Movement.

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Some foundations and associations, that were once estab­lished with a connection to Vomper­berg, today no longer work together with the Grail Adminis­tration Vomper­berg, the Gralswerk that originates from it or the Inter­national Grail Move­ment. A separation took place since the objectives of these institutions and of the people associated with them no longer correspond with the guidelines of Abd-ru-shin.